What we do

SourceImport.com connects buyers directly with the most competitive and suitable suppliers globally .

We believe that purchasing should not be relegated to a particular geographical area, but rather be global. You don’t have to be a giant company to take advantage of having global purchasing capabilities and this is where SourceImport.com comes in. Our goal is to find the most competitive and adequate suppliers which will solve your purchasing needs, independent of their geographical location and plug them into your current purchasing process.

Our mission doesn’t stop after finding your ideal suppliers, it just starts!  We assist you each step of the way, placing your purchase order, providing quality control, international logistics, customs and post-sales service.

How we work

Request for Quotation

Start work commitment-free with us by making a free product quotation!

Contact us through our website, email, or a toll-free line to get a free product quotation.

Please send as much information as you can regarding the product you want to quote, such as:

  • Detailed product description (or a description of a competing product)
  • Product photos (or photos of similar products)
  • Product technical specifications
  • Estimate order quantity (or estimate annual or monthly demand)
  • Any additional requests or information
Supplier Search and Due Diligence

We start work with an initial list of 10-15 suppliers that can fulfill your demands, which gets narrowed down according to  company size and age, financial stability, certifications, location all followed up with a personal phone call in the native language of the company to gauge the human X factor.

Supplier Search Report and Initial Quotation

We will deliver a report with a profiles of 1-3 suppliers, which we believe can fulfill your buying needs, together with an initial product quotation from each one. Each of the suppliers we present to you has passed through our rigorous filtering and due diligence process and is a reputable company for whom we can vouch for.

Service Agreement with SourceImport.com

Based on our Supplier Search Report, you can decide if you would like to proceed with negotiations with one of our suppliers. We ask our clients to sign a Service Agreement in order for us to go ahead with detailed work with your suppliers, such as product development, elaborating technical specifications, negotiations, as well as further due diligence as required.  Our Service Agreement doesn’t require you to commit to buy a product or pay any upfront charges, we charge you only a success fee based on your effective purchases from the suppliers we procured.

Client Order Approval

Once you sign a Service Agreement with SourceImport.com,  we will double-check your technical requirements, required delivery schedule, supplier and product compliance, product payment as well as other questions. Once we have double-checked that our expectations are the same, we continue work with our suppliers, which results in a firm quotation submitted for your approval. If required, we can provide you with more data-point in order for you to be able to make an informed decision regarding the purchase order, such as

  • Organize your personal visit to your supplier
  • Organize a third-party factory audit
  • Ship product samples
  • Provide client references
  • Provide a in-detail supplier reports based on government-registered data
Order processing

We will advise you on the closing the purchase order in a way which will protect you, such as elaboration of a purchase contract which is truly enforceable, technical documentation and a purchase order. After the purchase order has been finalized, we provide follow-up on the production process and arrange inspections during the production if needed.

Quality Control

Quality control is essential and we always arrange a product inspection and container loading inspection at the supplier’s location before taking delivery of product. Our inspection will follow the technical guidelines, mutually agreed upon before order placement between you and the supplier, as well as any other particular tests you request. Our inspector will provide a full report to you in two days after the inspection, but we will be in real-time contact with him during the proper inspection, in order to take appropriate measures, such as to go ahead with shipping or stop shipping and rework any defective units found.

Costs related to quality inspection  and product test will be charged based on your requirements.

Shipping, Customs and Delivery

We arrange both international and local shipping,  such as air, sea, or a combination of the, as well as customs clearance of your products.  Most of goods we supply are already pre-cleared, which allows to cut down on time they spend in the port. If you prefer,  please also feel free to arrange your own shipping and customs clearance.

Post-sales Service

We believe in close integration of buyers with their suppliers, which creates a virtuous cycle of feedback, product improvement and a mutual increase in competitiveness. We help you to create a close integration with your suppliers post-sales, by providing an easy communication channel with your supplier, thus allowing you to:

  • Ship spare parts on demand
  • Return and get reimbursed for defective items
  • Tweak your product design and manufacturing process
  • Get better payment or financing terms

How we charge

We charge a success-based commission fee, based on the value of the product you have successfully bought from the suppliers we procured for you. This allows you to use our services risk-free, without an upfront fee or commitment. Our fee is based on a sliding scale, so the more you buy, the less you pay percentage-wise.

Some miscellaneous services are not included in our success-based commission fee, such as sample shipping, third-party audit, or outside testing, but we will notify you and get your consent before any amount is charged.