Client name:
Martins Comércio e Serviço de Distribuição – S/A (Wholesaler, Brazil)
Leader in the wholesale market in Latin America

For the last 20 years we have a partnership with Latin America’s largest wholesaler, Martins Group.
We are the sourcing agents for various products which range from hand tools (India), olive oil (Italy), Canned sardines (Portugal), latex gloves (Malaysia), light bulbs, padlocks and porcelain (China), pamong other products .

Project value:

Handtool line “Pratik” – 6.2 Million USD

Porcelain “Pratik”- 3.5 Million USD

Padlocks – 5.4 Million USD

Light bulbs – 3.6 Million USD

Porcelain line “Pratik”

Handtool line “Pratik”